Meet The Team

Our team always aims to help you make money in real estate.

Brad Baker

Project Coordinator

With a degree in Construction Management and years of experience as a Project Manager for a large Salt Lake City corporation, Brad has managed multi-million dollar projects in several major cities including Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Boise. He knows how to complete even the largest projects on time and within budget. This extensive knowlege of the construction industry gives Brad an edge when it comes to figuring costs and profits for residential real estate investments. Nobody knows numbers like Brad, and he wants to help his clients know about the unexpected costs and understand the true profit projections for their investments.

Trudi Baker

Marketing & Creative Director

Trudi takes creativity to a whole new level with her real estate experience and design expertise. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from an art school where she studied web and graphic design, but her passions lie in real estate and making homes look modern and "homey". Trudi has worked as a Realtor, Mortgage Lender, Foreclosure Specialist, Loan Modifier, and most passionately as an Investor. With both an entrepreneurial and creative mind, Trudi loves flipping homes for a profit and helping others do the same.