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    Trudi and Brad Baker, Owners
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Real Estate is our passion

We are a team of professionals with over 15 years of experience in real estate, including sales, investing, mortgage lending, foreclosure prevention, and loan modifications. We are focused now on the investing side of real estate with an emphasis on finding properties for rehabilitating, renting, and lease options for other investors like ourselves.

We love to find old homes that needs improvement so that we can fix them up and make them shine with personality and style. As much as we love to do this, we know that other investors are looking for great deals with profit potential too. So, we share. We come across profitable deals all the time, so we gladly work with other investors and show them what we find that works for their needs.

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What we do?

We specialize in finding profitable investment properties for our network of investors. We also buy homes from people who need to sell their homes fast and easy with their best interests in mind.

Who we are?

Honesty is our policy and we always work with integrity. We work deals that benefit all parties who are involved, and we like using our creativity to make the most unexpected deals happen with possitive outcomes.

Why us?

We provide our investors with accurate numbers from rehab and holding costs to rent prices and sales profit potentials. We can pay cash on purchases, have the ability to close quickly, and our network of real estate professionals are ready to go when we are.

I love finding homes that we or our investor friends can fix up and bring some style to it, but I won't do a deal unless I know that everyone involved will benefit.

Trudi Baker, Real Estate Investor and Designer